Who Uses GPR?


Who uses Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar has been used regularly in the early 1970s to identify sub- surface anomalies. It is used today for many applications in a number of fields including:

– Contractors
– Archaeologists
– Engineers
– Earth Scientists
– Hospitals
– Environmental Firms
– Mining Companies
– Forensic Specialists and Law Enforcement – Homeowners

Why is GPR used?

– Non-Destructive Locating
– General Sub Surface Exploration – Utility Detection
– Conduit Mapping
– Fiberoptic Locating
– Pipe and Cable Locating
– Burial Locating
– Finding Buried Valuables
– Code Compliance
– Locating Archaeological Sites
– Locating Geological Features
– Plastic Detection
– Rebar Locating
– Determining Slab Thickness
– Tank Locating


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